Areas of expertise

Action, Execution and Implementation


German holds a BA in Philosophy (Universidad Panamericana), an MBA (IPADE Business School) and a PLD (Harvard Business School), He is an Associate Professor at IPADE Business School, Director of Executive Programmes in Costa Rica, and a board member in various companies.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Dr Monica Franco-Santos

The influence of trust in the integration of top management teams. A theoretical frame is proposed asserting interpersonal trust as a necessary element to understand motivation and behavioural integration in the context of top management teams.

The understanding of work motivation has positioned the primary motivational sources in the individual as a separated entity and has given limited attention to the relational aspects that affect the internal and psychological process through which motivation is caused, particularly in the context of teams. The approach of this position study is to explore the influence of trust in the motivation of teams, particularly in the context of top management teams.

Research methods: Literature review, interviews and survey

Why I chose Cranfield: Rigorous but still flexible program. Very prestigious in OB and research focus into practice.