Areas of expertise

Action, Execution and Implementation


Ageeth has a MSc in Marketing and Marketing Research and a background in marketing and research consultancy. She is lecturing at the University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen the Netherlands and coordinating research efforts taking place within the economic department.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Professor Keith Goffin
Secondary supervisor: Dr Marek Szwejczewski

How to embed an effective customer orientation for radical innovations within SMEs.

As a marketeer I’ve always been driven by a true understanding of customer needs and in my current role I meet quite some SME organizations asking for help with ‘needs analysis’ on behalf of their product development projects. Very often they are unaware of the newer approaches for identifying the unarticulated - hidden – needs of customers, while others, who do recognize the advantages of HN techniques, wonder how these can best be used and embedded into their processes in order to extract full potential. This makes me believe that a framework that can help managers to develop the capabilities needed to move away from a less optimal customer orientation towards a more effective one to achieve radical innovation would therefore be of high practical value.

Sector: Cross-sectoral

​Research methods:​ Action research

Why I chose Cranfield:  I was attracted to Cranfield by reading the work of Keith Goffin on Hidden Needs.