Areas of expertise

Action, Execution and Implementation

Programme – DBA, 2017


Abdullah has more than twenty-five years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, working in Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia. His background is in quality management, with expertise in quality management programmes such as; Six Sigma, Lean, Operational Excellence, ISO, Refining and Gas Operation Process Improvements.

Research opportunity

Primary supervisor: Professor Mike Bourne
Secondary supervisor: Professor Franco-Santos Monica

Abdullah's project is related to the usage and cascading dilemmas of performance measurement systems in an oil and gas organisation. Despite having a robust system for measuring success factors, the effective utilisation remains the key measure for the efficiency of those selected measures. His research is about understanding the factors behind utilisation and cascading for measures and metrics.

Sector: Oil and Gas

Research methods: Case study

Why I chose Cranfield: Cranfield was chosen due to three main aspects; the reputation of the university, its ranking and its accreditations.  In addition, the primary and secondary supervisors are known scholars in the field of performance measurement systems.