Dates for 2020

Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, the original quarterly onsite dates for 2020 were cancelled and replaced with fortnightly online Zoom events.  These events ran from April to July and the next set of dates have been released:

Date:  3rd September 2020
Speaker:  Jeremy Brim of 'The Bid Toolkit'
Theme/Outline:  A Framework with Advice and Tips to help KA Managers Respond to Customer Bids/Tenders and Increase Success Rate

Date:  10th September 2020
Speaker:  Tom Pisello of 'Mediafly'
Theme/Outline:  Evolved Selling: Optimising Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics

Date:  17th September 2020
Speaker:  Mark Davies & Ian Jones
Theme/Outline:  Masterclass 2: The Supplier Opportunity and Strategy

Date:  24th September 2020
Speaker:  Phil Squire of 'Consalia'
Theme/Outline:  KAM and Relationship Capitalisation: how do you Quantify and Measure the Value of each Customer Relationship?

Date:  1st October 2020
Speaker:  Dr Simon Templar of 'Cranfield'
Theme/Outline:  Finance Essentials for Key Account Managers

Date:  8th October 2020
Speaker:  Dave Recaldin of Kantar Retail'
Theme/Outline:  Lessons and Insights to Deliver Compelling Customer Experiences, from CPG and other Leading Industries

Date:  15th September 2020
Speaker:  KAM Team
Theme/Outline:  Masterclass 3: Developing High Impact Customer Value Propositions