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Latest News and Events

July 20th, 2018 Ethical Corporation Keynote Presentation - Emeritus Professor David Grayson gave a keynote presentation at the Ethical Corporation - "Future Resilience Keynote: Planning for a disruptive business horizon"

June 5th 2018 Plenary Session to Sustainable Brands, Vancouver - All In: The Future of Business Leadership - presentation by co-authors Prof David Grayson, Chris Coulter and Mark Lee.

Emeritus Professor David Grayson of Corporate Responsibility speaks about 'The Future of Corporate Responsibility' - at the 'The Future Re-imagined' Conference  in Manila, April 2018.

Cranfield Sustainability Network Spring E-News 2018. Read about the latest news from the Cranfield Sustainability Network (incorporating The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility) including the following hot link items and themes: Spring Books BonanzaSustainability, Gamification and Future ScenariosCranfield Masters in Management and SustainabilityCollaboration - A Collective Form of Self Regulation?

The 2017 Corporate Public Affairs Oration delivered by David Grayson can be accessed here: Why are we here? Reflections on personal and organisational purpose

5th July 2017 Financial Times interview  - Professor David Grayson recently featured in the Financial Times in an article discussing the Responsible Business awards and this year's winners. Professor Grayson explained 'People can smell inauthenticity, if business is claiming one thing and is operating in another way, that is a dangerous position to be in.'


Edward Bickham interview with Professor David Grayson discussing the new study of Conflict Free Gold Standard (1st December 2017)

David Pitt Watson Interview with Prof David Grayson can be located on our Points of View Videos page. 

Peter Hunt Interview with Prof David Grayson on the theme of changing business cultures in the age of social media and Brent Spar Presentation (26th October 2016 evening speaker event featuring Peter Hunt (Snr Associate of Hilton & Knowlton and a member of the core public affairs team who responded to the Brent Spa crisis)

'On Purpose' - beginning with the illustration of the Johnson & Johnson credo, Prof. David Grayson highlights the models and frameworks now available to businesses - including new business models such as circular economy; B Corporation and the Better Business Blueprint - which can enable businesses to identify for themselves the purpose of their firms. 

Further Points of View videos can be found at this link.

New Publications

The Conflict-Free Gold Standard:  Building an industry coalition to address the challenges of conflict gold.   This case study describes why and how the World Gold Council led the development of the Conflict-Free Gold Standard (the Standard) from 2010 to the end of 2012. The Standard provides a common, voluntary approach through which gold mining companies can undertake due diligence and provide assurance to stakeholders, based on compliance with accepted international benchmarks, that their gold has been extracted in a manner that does not cause, support or benefit unlawful armed conflict or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international humanitarian law.  The full report can be accessed at the link above. Click here for the Executive Summary.

A celebration of 10 years of achievements: The Doughty Centre 10th Anniversary Report.

The new Doughty Centre occasional paper "How Sustainable Enterprises Develop" can be accessed here. The report explores the growth of sustainable entrepreneurs and how these new sustainable enterprises can be supported and developed..

Other Publications

Narayana Vennavelli presents the latest Doughty Centre Hot Topic paper Stranded Carbon Assets Debate: Negotiating Change in Energy Industry

Will Evidence-based management Shape the future of Corporate Sustainability Reporting. The  Doughty Centre Occasional Report jointly authored by Dr Palie Smart, Dr Sara Holmes and Professor Steve Evans (Cambridge University), explores the increasing demand for measuring and reporting corporate sustainability and performance and the current reality and future potential of evidence or science based reporting.

The impact of global sustainability trends on the Automotive sector and Motorsport’s role in supporting the industry’s adaptation to these pressures by Joey Powis. The Hot Topic paper by Joey Powis can be found here.

Purpose Driven Leader, Purpose Driven CareerIn this  Doughty Centre Occasional Paper, Visiting Fellow Anita Hoffmann builds on our earlier work on purpose, with a powerful reflection on careers with purpose – and how organisations that aspire to endure into the indefinite future, should be seeking to capitalise on a powerful constituency of mid to late-career employees who aspire to careers with purpose. Anita led a roundtable discussion with a number of high profile business leaders, which explored these themes at the ACTIS HQ in London on the 4th October 2016.  A summary of this event can be found here Later Stage Careers with Purpose.

Recent Events

9th April 2018 Sustainability Network Seminar with Dr Jim Bentley, CEO of Hunter Water Australia. Presentation (*please note all content in this presentation is copyrighted to Hunter Water Australia)

24th April 2017 Responsible Business Week: Doughty Centre Sustainable Entrepreneurs Forum - A summary outlining highlights from the launch of the Doughty Centre Research on Sustainable Entrepreneurs Forum held during Responsible Business Week can be accessed here.

On the 1st March 2017 visiting speaker David Pitt Watson shared insights about his latest book Finance as Though People and Planet Matter.  The interview with David Grayson and David Pitt Watson can be viewed here along with the video of the event in the Points of View video page.

David Grayson speaks at the BDI/CBI "Trust in Business" workshop event at the BDI HQ in Berlin on the 16th December 2016

David Grayson reflects on Blueprint for Better Business, events. Prof David Grayson shares his  reflections on two events organised by Blueprint for Better Business about business purpose.

Sue Fenton Interview with David Grayson  (Decision Magazine, Issue 70, 2016) - David Grayson talks to Sue Fenton about the growing need for companies to have the sense of purpose, the skillset and the knowledge to develop and present themselves as responsible businesses.

David Grayson was interviewed by Zoë Arden (Director at SustainAbiity) for RADAR, Issue 11, July 2016.  The interview can be accessed here: "The lessons I have learnt"

Nick Robins of UNEP spoke at a Doughty Centre evening event in March 2016 on “Creating a Sustainable Financial System”.  His biography can be accessed here: Nick Robins Co-Director UNEP Inquiry into Design Options for a Sustainable Financial System.

David Grayson's recommended reading (Feb 2016). Please click the link to download The World We Made- Alex McKay's story from 2050 by Jonathon Porritt (PHAID - Oct 2013).

EFMD 2016 Conference for Deans and Directors General: Corvinus University of Budapest - please click the link to download the PDF Plenary Remarks - Prof. David Grayson CBE Keynote Speech at The Annual Meeting of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.