Our purpose in starting this project is to analyse and synthesise the numerous initiatives and contributions to the debate about the future of capitalism. We do not wish to duplicate the work of others; our purpose is to facilitate the dissemination and development of that work by providing a framework that will assist understanding, identify common themes, enable connections to be made and promote appropriate action.

We hope this project will be of value to busy business managers, to policy-makers and policy-influencers and to others interested in the future of the capitalist system. We hope also that this project will assist those engaged in the various initiatives and enquiries, enabling links to be made between organisations with a common purpose, promoting collaboration and providing a platform for the wider dissemination of the work being done. A more detailed description of the project, covering the purpose and background, scope, approach and work done so far can be found here

Defining terms

A number of terms are in common use to describe the desirable end state for the capitalist system: sustainable, responsible, conscious, moral, inclusive, long-term, progressive etc. A document Defining Terms can be found here.  We have adopted the term “Renewing capitalism” which connotes a process of change rather than a pre-determined end state. We wish to study that process of change.

The scope of the project

We focus on the UK, and by extension the US and EU but in the global context. 

The subject matter of the debate on the future of capitalism is vast, covering a very wide range of economic, social, environmental, political and governance issues. A Word Map illustrating the sorts of issues being debated can be found here.