Immerse yourself into our entrepreneurial community and figure out how to navigate the uncertainties ahead

When Coronavirus transformed our lives back in March, we made it our duty to provide support for our business community wherever we could. Our focus for the autumn period will be 'Owning the Winter', as we help you to prepare for the uncertainties of the upcoming months.

Here to help

At the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, our initial response to the crisis was the BGP Response ProgrammeThe programme was aimed to provide immediate help and information when business owners were initially feeling confused. Throughout the spring and summer months, we engaged with over 2000 businesses and individuals at more than 40 events.

Speaking to many of these business owners has allowed to recognise the importance of the Cranfield business community and how relevant the webinars, workshops and conference were during a time of need.

As a result of this finding, we will continue to provide relevant information, access to other business owners and a variety of activities as we progress through the year.

Owning the Winter

While many sectors are operating in some capacity, lots of uncertainty remains about what the winter will bring. Will schools remain open? Will there be a second wave? Will you face a local lockdown? And also, what happens when we leave the European Union on 31 December?

A lot of questions remain unanswered and unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball which allows us to predict the future. However, we can help you with strategies to take control of the uncertainty and provide you with access to thought leadership and successful experts.

We know that you may still be looking to boost sales or are seeking advice around remote working. Our 'Owning the Winter' campaign has been shaped by many of the common topics that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, for this reason we will focus on the following themes:

  • Strategy/Owning the Winter
  • Leadership and Organisation
  • Marketing/Sales
  • HR/Talent Management
  • The EU Exit

We are extremely fortunate to have partnered with the SEMLEP Growth Hub on this campaign. This partnership will allow us to maximise the impact that we are having on the local business community and give us the best chance to help business owners through this next critical stage of COVID-19.

If you would like to give us feedback about your experience of the programme, or there is a particular topic that you would like to explore, please get in touch.

Our upcoming programme


Access to the latest thinking and expert support.

Workshops and peer-to-peer networking

Tangible action learning for your business and connect with others.


In the absence of face-to-face interaction, webinars have been the primary form of communication and learning over the past few months. We will continue to address the immediate challenges of the crisis with practical, actionable help. All of our webinars are free to attend and will provide you with the opportunity to engage and ask questions.

Owning the Winter Webinars

Our webinar series will feature a number of expert speakers, covering a variety of business-related matters.

Every webinar is recorded and made available on our website the following day.

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Workshops and peer-to-peer networking

Our workshops will expose you to teaching from business experts, but the key is that you will apply the knowledge directly to your business and get immediate feedback from the experts and your fellow participants. Our workshops are also a great opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals experiencing the same challenges as yourself.

Workshops and peer networking

Each workshop will be three and a half hours long, and will:

  • Allow you to access up-to-date information and thinking.
  • Explore what this means for you and your businesses.
  • Provide you with a worksheet to capture information and ideas, to help you define an action plan.

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Feedback and testimonials

For us it is important to provide meaningful help to our SMEs. Therefore, we continuously ask for feedback and are delighted to have received a great deal of positive comments following our events.

− I normally cannot stand break-outs but my group was really well handled and I enjoyed the experience - well administered Steffi & Alison - thank you!
− Thank you for a great session!
− Echo that - Really good session. Almost as good as being in a room
− Thank you. made me really think about planning even more
− Thank you Cranfield team – great session
− Super useful, nice to see some other humans!
− Great session and very informative, thanks to all
− Really appreciate this session, Cranfield folks. Very well organised and very enjoyable

− I will share [the content of the webinar] with staff all now working virtually
− Really thoughtful and practical
− Really great, thank you. Clear actionable points applicable to any business
− Thanks Martin, thanks Sabrina and all the team for organising
− Great to have extra support during these changing times
− Great. Useful and very relevant
− Excellent opportunity. Thank you so much for organising this in these difficult times. It's a wonderful learning experience
− Thank you so much. So helpful...
− Thank you everyone for your information very insightful
− Thank you very much for this. Well put together and insightful

− I just thought I should say what a fantastic job the Bettany Centre team have done pulling this together in such a short timeframe and assembling such a wonderful array of speakers. Thank you for setting it up, it has been well received by all of the people that I know who have accessed it
− The seminar series is fantastic
− I saw the BGP Response Programme – very thoughtful of you all at Cranfield. This is the kind of stuff you and your team keep coming up with that makes me so proud of being a Cranfieldian!

- I liked the way of presenting the takeaways so you get insight into all of the sessions. It worked well as a virtual event
I didn’t expect the second session (vision) to be so interactive and powerful, really great and useful
Nice mix - stats and reality check, but tangible and practical steps to take today
The motivational management session was excellent at helping me find new strategies to motivate the team to make the changes we need to make as a business and deliver the directional change we need in this market

Support and expertise

Cranfield is recognised globally for the strength of its alumni network. This strength - coupled with the goodwill of many friends of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship – means that we have been able to access extraordinary expertise and sponsor support when developing this programme. Together, these people represent a smorgasbord of talent, experience, and expertise, and it’s all available to you.

Support and expertise

We’d especially like to thank the people and organisations below who have been instrumental in the programme, with their invaluable support in the webinars and workshops.

Contributors and supporters:

  • Jonathan Wagstaffe
  • Becky Upton
  • Peter Swanson
  • John Morris

Learning Centre

You can access our bank of information and resources in our learning centre. Here you can find all of our previous webinars, blogs and links to useful resources.

A note on pricing

We will continue to deliver many elements of this programme free of charge. We have re-introduced some priced elements into our programme, but are committed to keeping this pricing as low as possible. If your business has been significantly negatively impacted by COVID-19 or you are a charity, please get in contact to discuss options regarding the priced elements.


Running the 'Owning the Winter' campaign is our way of:

  • Helping you, our alumni community and all UK entrepreneurs to understand and process and adjust to the challenges that they are facing as a result of COVID-19.
  • Supporting you to review your business strategy, stabilise your business and get ready for the winter months.
  • Providing access to facilitated peer-to-peer learning events, helping you to put learned knowledge into action.

The programme will evolve and react to significant changes as they happen. We wish you every success as you go forward and would like to encourage you to register for alerts so that you can be best informed as we continue to adapt this programme to suit your needs.

Stay safe and healthy

The Bettany Centre Team