Beyond Crisis: Making The Most Of The Next Twelve Business Months - BGP Response Programme Workshop

Is ‘the future’ a series of opportunities for you waiting to happen? Or will the future instead simply happen to you?

In this thought-provoking workshop brought to you by Cranfield, we’ll be exploring how owner/managers can leverage the ‘black swan’ disruption of Covid-19 events to position themselves for greater quality and quantity of profits. From re-engineering the internal workings of businesses to investment strategies for companies with cash on the balance sheet, this session will stimulate your entrepreneurial thinking and aspiration through a combination of practical exercises and peer-to-peer engagement, led and facilitated by an expert panel of Cranfield faculty and visiting lecturer entrepreneurs. We’ll address issues such as:

  • How can I make my business more ‘sticky’ so customers stay with us?
  • What should I do with surplus cash in my business?
  • How should I be thinking about pricing strategy?
  • How do I assess the worth of acquiring a competitor in trouble?
  • How do I decide between the different options I have?

If the future is ‘ours for the taking’, what action will you look back on as having planned and ‘taken’ twelve months from now and how much value will that have added to your business?

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