Entrepreneurship support to navigate the current unprecedented times of COVID-19

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The BGP Response Programme has now evolved to become the 'Owning the Winter' Programme. Immerse yourself into our entrepreneurial community and figure out how to navigate the uncertainties ahead.

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Coronavirus has been as big a challenge for us as it has for you. Many aspects of the university's activity are closed down because of it. We know that many of you are challenged in many ways right now, so we decided we would do whatever we could to help. We created the BGP Response Programme to help you address the Covid-19 crisis.

We see the crisis evolving in three phases.

BGP Response Phases

We’ve arranged our help to respond to the unique challenges of each phase of the crisis as it unfolds.

Help Now

Webinars and workshops to help you deal with the challenges of the crisis.

Help to Stabilise

Workshops and masterclass sessions to help you address the "new normal".

Help to Bounce Forward

Tailored programmes to help you plan to emerge in the best possible shape.

Help Now

We’ve moved quickly to create our opening series of webinars, helping business leaders to address the immediate challenges of the crisis with practical, actionable help. These are free to attend and include the opportunity to have your questions answered.

Help now

During April we will be running three webinars per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 pm. In May we will be running two webinars per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Each one is recorded and available on demand.

Please register for alerts, as we are regularly scheduling more events for you.

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Help to Stabilise

We are developing a series of workshops and half-day masterclasses for delivery in May and June. These will focus on helping you adapt to the “new normal” of running a business in 2020.

Help to stabilise

Each workshop is expected to be three and a half hours long, and will:

  • Allow you to access up to date information and thinking on finance, your customer value proposition, and your market.
  • Explore what this means for you and your businesses. Based on our successful BGP model, this exploration will be facilitated by a Cranfield BGP Counsellor.
  • Provide you with a worksheet to capture information and ideas, to help you define an action plan.

We feel that these workshops are going to be comprehensive, and really great value. We want as many of you as possible to be able to benefit from them. We can’t run them for free, but what we can do is go with a high discount, so we’re pricing them at £50 per delegate.

We’re also introducing a 1+1 pricing programme to help those who need it. If you are able and willing to do so, we’re asking you to pay for an extra seat which we can donate to those who are less well off as a result of this crisis, but who might benefit from the workshop.

We’ll have more details of the workshops and masterclasses in the coming weeks, so please register for alerts, as we continue to evolve our plan.

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Help to Bounce Forward

We are redesigning our world-famous Business Growth Programme for autumn 2020, so that it is specifically relevant to the challenges that entrepreneurs and owner-managers will be facing this autumn. Those challenges may be around continuing to run for an extended period with some form of restriction, or they may be around making sure that you are in the best possible shape to emerge. Whatever the challenges, the autumn 2020 BGP will be invaluable in helping you to address them.

Help to bounce forward

Since 1988, this programme has helped over 2,600 business leaders to create better futures for their businesses and themselves. It has evolved constantly, to meet the changing challenges of growing business. Now, in 2020, the new challenge is presented by the landscape of Brexit and Coronavirus. The Cranfield BGP will help you to address these new challenges, and help you to set your business up to succeed.

We’ll have more details of the BGP Bounce Forward in the coming weeks, so please register for alerts as we continue to evolve our programme.

What you have said about our events

For us it is important to provide meaningful help to our SMEs. We are therefore delighted to receive positive feedback after our events. We have collated a few of the testimonials we have received after the workshops, webinars and about the programme in general.

− I normally cannot stand break-outs but my group was really well handled and I enjoyed the experience - well administered Steffi & Alison - thank you!
− Thank you for a great session!
− Echo that - Really good session. Almost as good as being in a room
− Thank you. made me really think about planning even more
− Thank you Cranfield team – great session
− Super useful, nice to see some other humans!
− Great session and very informative, thanks to all
− Really appreciate this session, Cranfield folks. Very well organised and very enjoyable

− I will share [the content of the webinar] with staff all now working virtually
− Really thoughtful and practical
− Really great, thank you. Clear actionable points applicable to any business
− Thanks Martin, thanks Sabrina and all the team for organising
− Great to have extra support during these changing times
− Great. Useful and very relevant
− Excellent opportunity. Thank you so much for organising this in these difficult times. It's a wonderful learning experience
− Thank you so much. So helpful...
− Thank you everyone for your information very insightful
− Thank you very much for this. Well put together and insightful

− I just thought I should say what a fantastic job the Bettany Centre team have done pulling this together in such a short timeframe and assembling such a wonderful array of speakers. Thank you for setting it up, it has been well received by all of the people that I know who have accessed it
− The seminar series is fantastic
− I saw the BGP Response Programme – very thoughtful of you all at Cranfield. This is the kind of stuff you and your team keep coming up with that makes me so proud of being a Cranfieldian!

Support and Expertise

Cranfield is recognised globally for the strength of its alumni network. This strength, coupled with the goodwill of so many friends of the BGP, means we have been able to access extraordinary expertise and sponsor support when putting together this programme. This is in addition to the highly skilled team at the University. Together, these people represent a smorgasbord of talent, experience, and expertise, and it’s all available to you.

Support and expertise

We’d like to especially thank the people below, who were our “first responders” in offering to help us set up the workshops and webinars we ran in Late March and April, and who continue to give us generous support as the programme evolves.

Becky Boston

Co-founder and Business Development Director
emphasis hr & training
BGP Alumna


Jonathan Wagstaffe

Managing Director
BGP Alumnus
Visiting Fellow

Richard Parsons

Founder and CEO
BGP Alumnus
Visiting Fellow


Paul Addison


Dr Debra Charles

Founder and CEO
BGP Alumna


John Morris

EOS Implementer and Vistage Chair
People, Talent & Leadership Committee
ScaleUp Institute

Kathrin Gerrard

Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Teacher


Dr Veronica Burke

Performance Impact Ltd
Visiting Fellow

Jamie MacPherson

Director Consulting
Will it Make the Boat go Faster?


Ben Hunt-Davis MBE

Olympic Gold Medallist
Will it Make the Boat go Faster?

Martin Spiller

Visiting Fellow


Smith & Williamson

Professional and financial services firm
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Learning Centre

We’re using our Learning Centre to collect the most relevant information for you.

We’d also encourage you to join the Cranfield BGP Response Team group on LinkedIn. This is where we are encouraging group members to share the best proactive and useful, actionable content.

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A note on pricing

We’re delivering the first part of this programme for free and we will continue to deliver some elements free of charge for as long as we can.

Ultimately, delivering this level of value across all programmes for free is not sustainable, so we will have to introduce pricing for some elements as we progress.

A note on pricing

However, as we introduce priced elements into our programme, we will keep our pricing as low as it can be for as long as we can.

Our aim at the start has been to do what we can to help you through an extraordinarily challenging few weeks.

Our aim now is to provide long term value to you as we continue to face challenges, and part of this is gradually moving back to a sustainable revenue model which means that “long term” is a promise we can keep.


The BGP Response Programme is the best way that we can:

  • Help you, our alumni community, and all UK entrepreneurs, to understand and process the challenges they are facing with COVID-19, and to adjust to meet those challenges.
  • Support you to review your business strategy, stabilize your business, and adapt to the current climate.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to you to get your business ready for bounce forward, regrowth, and success.

BGP Response Timeline

The programme will evolve and grow as we go through the year, reacting to changes as they happen. We wish you every success as you go forward, and we’d encourage you once again to please register for alerts, so that you can be best informed as we continue to evolve this programme for you.

Stay safe and healthy.

The BGP Response Team