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Yufei obtained his master degree in Fashion Design and Engineering from Soochow University, China and obtained Msc in Logistics and Supply chain management with Distinction at ENSAIT, France. After graduation, he spent the next 4 years working as a foreign trade sale supervisor in one of the largest supplier of Nike in China. In 2019, he came to Cranfield to pursue a Phd in Leadership and management.

Research opportunities

Yufei's current research topic is how IoT help information coordination and integration between stakeholders in fashion supply chain. Fashion industry is one of the most important part in global economy. One of the current challenges for fashion supply chain is to reduce bullwhip effect. Meanwhile, IoT is a wide used technology during Industry 4.0 in SCM that bringing automation, intelligentization and informationalization to Fashion industry. This PhD research therefore will aim to explore challenges and opportunities of reducing bullwhip effect in fashion supply chain by information coordination and integration with the help of IoT.

Current activities

Exploring literatures related to IoT and information integration in order to have a better understanding of the whole scope.

Trying to detect the blank area in IoT implementation, especially the one link to information integration and coordination.

Identifying how IoT changes the fit between information integration and decision-making uncertainty.


Conference Papers