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Prior to her PhD studies, Yanjun was a business professional with seven years’ experience in a consulting company in Shanghai, China. She holds an MSc in Strategic Marketing and a BSc in Educational Technology, forming a background in business, education, psychology and technology.

Research opportunities

In the digital era, companies face a dilemma, either transform digitally or risk falling behind competitors. It is therefore critical for businesses to proactively initiate the digital transformation process. Digital transformation is a process by which a company can utilise technology to gain unique insights. This allows the innovation of the value proposition and the value chain.

This PhD project encompasses a longitudinal study, investigating digital capabilities and digitally driven business model innovation. This study aims to understand how capabilities are built for digital transformation, how digital transformation drives business model innovation, and how the digital transformation process progresses through different stages of development.

Current activities

Yanjun is currently working closely with industry, conducting longitudinal research in the area of digital transformation.