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Sandra has more than 15 years of business and managerial experience in European and Russian markets in diverse international business sectors. She gained international work experience in Tetra Pak, handling one of the biggest and most challenging global customers – Arla Foods as the member of the strategic team overseeing the development of the key account strategy and its implementation across other markets. Furthermore, Sandra has lectured in several universities on subjects involving strategy, innovation and organizational behavior. Also, she has an impressive track of records in the field of business trainings and consultations.

Sandra has a BSc in Public Relations, a Master's degree in Health Care with Specialization in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, and an MSc in Organizational Performance Management from Cranfield University.

Research opportunities

Primary supervisor: Professor Patrick Reinmoeller
Secondary supervisor: Dr Jutta Tobias

Emotion-management routines in the context of organisational change.

My research addresses the importance of emotion management on the organisational level. Emotions have an important influence on what is noticed, how it is interpreted, and what decisions and actions are taken. It is, therefore, a critical factor during change processes. This research takes an innovative perspective by examining emotions on multilevel and seeks to build on knowledge how organisations can attend to employee emotions in order to make change initiatives more successful.

Research methods: I have chosen a qualitative interpretivist paradigm, and my research is informed by the Process view inquiring how phenomena develop, change or terminate over time.

Why I chose Cranfield: I chose Cranfield for its blend of academic rigour, creative spirit and applicability of the research ensured by strong, on-going relationships with industries.

Current activities

Sandra is currently doing her PhD research on collective mindfulness supervised by Dr. Jutta Tobias, Cranfield University. The aim of the research is to understand how collective mindfulness can be induced and sustained in order to improve the organisational performance in the volatile and fast-changing business environment.


She has successfully lead various workshops and seminars with the leading entities in the public and business sectors on the key three areas: mindfulness and resilience, effective team work and communication, as well as strategy and change. The list of customers includes: Latvia Parliament, Bank of Latvia, Riga International Airport, Ministry of Culture, State Traffic Safety Agency, Allnex, Danone, Schenker DB, Tele2, McDonald, DHL, Statoil, Nordea Bank, and many others.