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Sabrina is a successful, innovative and bi-lingual (fluent German and English) Director of Programme Management and C-level advisor with nearly 20 years of experience in agile, hybrid and waterfall multi-sector digital transformation and change management programmes.

She has a BSc Computer Science /Dipl. Ing (BA) Information Technology International from the Cooperative State University Mannheim / Open University London, an Executive MBA from Cranfield University and is a trained Executive Coach.

In her professional career, she was often called upon for crisis management, programme intervention and management of critical deliveries. Her passion is to generate the right work environment for teams to be able to work together and enable them to turn the programmes into very successful deliveries.  

Current activities

After finishing her MBA at Cranfield University, in November 2018, she realised how bigger the impact is she can have when working with entrepreneurs and students. She joined the Bettany Centre of Entrepreneurship in Spring 2019 and is now responsible for the Management and Entrepreneurship curriculum design as part of the MK:U team and is delivering the strategic projects of the Bettany Centre to increase the impact and outreach of the various Entrepreneurship Programmes. 

With her deep understanding of the digital business world and a passion for coaching and personal development, Sabrina is a successful career and Executive Coach, always helping her clients to achieve goals beyond what they thought possible. 

Sabrina is also teaching Digital Business Transformation and Business Studies at the South-Eastern University in Finnland (XAMK) and has been invited to Henley Business School to advise students. Her focus is to help undergraduate and master students to understand the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s business world and to prepare them for successful work life after graduation. 

She is preparing at the moment her PhD research to understand how to improve the university education to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of students and to develop the right match between job role and employee to act on these capabilities.

Also, Sabrina is currently writing an actionable business book with another Cranfield alumnus to advise companies on how to successfully implement a long-term strategy instead of focussing on unhealthy short-term goals.