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Richard is a seasoned financial markets professional with some 40 years experience in major global banking institutions. He began his career with six years as a civil engineer. Most of his time has been spent in Asia (Hong Kong) and he has also lived or worked in mainland China, various parts of Europe, South Korea, South Africa, the U.S. and Zimbabwe.

  • A pioneer of the investment community in Asia; 40 years experience (12 in Europe).
  • Experienced Financial Expert Witness. Practicing Member of The Academy of Experts.
  • Given evidence in Litigation, Arbitration, Tribunal and mediation cases.
  • Board Director and consultant in regulatory, asset management and trading sectors.
  • Investment and financial market specialist and SFC licenced professional.
  • Extensive global network from senior roles in the industry.
  • Writer and Broadcaster. Financial radio presenter on RTHK. SCMP weekly columnist.
  • Entrepreneurial business builder In Asia and Europe. Frequent conference speaker.
  • Harvard MBA. Chartered Engineer. London BSc, MSc. Attended Peking & Stanford U.
  • Former U.K. Parliamentary Candidate 1997

Research opportunities

Primary supervisor: Andrea Moro
Secondary supervisor: Yacine Belghitar

Richard's research is driven off several decades of observing the financial markets. This includes several booms and at least four spectacular busts that have caused visible financial and personal distress. That experience has led to the generation of many questions as to how the markets work – or in some cases don’t. Richard has worked a lot with the financial regulators on price movements and insider trading and other market misconduct. Undertaking a PhD allows Richard to delve into these many questions with the benefit of a career in finance which provide a special perspective on the questions.

The purpose of the research is to add some insight into how prices work in different markets and different times under the impact of new news and in a behavioural finance context. My research thinking centres around “the last grain of sand”. That grain, which when dropped onto the top of a pile of dry sand, causes the whole structure to fail. The ideal would be to predict the last grain of sand - in order to sell just before it.

Research methods: Analysis of secondary data and survey taken through a major global news provider.

Why I chose Cranfield: I had many attempts to get into Cranfield… Over many years, I have been offered a MBA place and a part-time PhD place but I finally made it late in my career! Cranfield provides a strong academic environment with the supervision and push that I need to progress my research. Cranfield is also very open to “mature” PhD’s rather than the chase for young researchers. Experience of course provides a strong knowledge base and a network of contacts to assist such research. Cranfield’s location makes it very efficient for my studies which incorporate a good deal of international travel.

Current activities

Richard still has responsibilities as a financial legal expert witness, providing specialist financial advice for the law courts. He has appeared in Hong Kong , Singapore and the United States. He is working towards a PhD at Cranfield University.