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Peter has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, was a Royal Society European Research Fellow 1969 - 1971 and a Senior Research Fellow at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles from 1972 - 1987, where he worked with Nobel Laureate, Ilya Prigogine. He then took up a Chair at Cranfield University where he ran a Research Centre in Ecotechnology and later founded the Complex Systems Research Centre.

For over 40 years Peter has been working on the mathematical modelling of change and innovation in social, economic, financial and ecological systems, and the development of integrated systems models linking the physical, ecological and socio-economic aspects of complex systems as a basis for improved decision support systems. A range of dynamic integrated models has been developed in such diverse domains as industrial networks, supply chains, river catchments, urban and regional development, fisheries and also economic and financial markets. He has written and edited several books and published well over 200 articles in a range of fields including ecology, social science, urban and regional science, economics, systems theory, and physics. He has been a consultant to the Cambridge Econometrics, the Asian Development Bank, the Canadian Fishing Industry, Elf Aquitaine, BT, GlaxoSmithKline, DERA, DSTL, the United Nations University, and the European Commission.  

Current activities

Peter is currently working with Prof Liz Varga on the EPSRC-funded OPTEMIN Research Project, a collaborative UK project which is taking a whole systems approach to the optimisation of energy management in industry.

He is Editor in Chief of the journal Emergence: Complexity and Organisation.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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