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  • Fellow HEA (2016)
  • PhD “The coevolution of the firm and the supply network: A complex systems perspective”, Cranfield School of Management (2009)
  • MBA, Cranfield School of Management (2002)
  • BA (Honours) in Maths and Data analysis/design, Open University (1989) 

Past experience: 

Liz Varga has expertise in trans-disciplinary research projects across infrastructure systems (energy, transport, water, waste and telecoms) via her research projects, engagements with practice and feedback from dissemination. Her skills are in creating abstractions of real-world systems, recognizing emergent phenomena and co-evolutionary effects, together with measurable systemic metrics. She leads the design of computational agent-based models which represent the dynamics of inter-connected systems. She has experience of system transitions, modelling the effects of policy, technology and innovation under different future scenarios, and analysing computational results representing economic, environmental and societal effects. She won the Cranfield University Research Award in 2014 and again in 2016. 

Current activities

Liz is Head of the Infrastructure Systems Group at Cranfield School of Management, creating evolutionary models of critical infrastructure systems embracing social, technical, economic and policy factors using various futures scenarios. She also runs the Complex Systems Research Centre.

Current collaborative research projects

  • Principal Investigator: System Transition to Digital Energy (STDE) an EPSRC-funded collaborative scoping study led by Cranfield. Its overarching goal is to create a step change in our understanding of how digitalisation will impact on the pathway to decarbonise the energy sector.
  • Co-Investigator: OPTEMIN an EPSRC-funded project started in December 2016 which is taking a whole systems approach to the optimisation of energy management in industry.
  • Co-Investigator: CryoHub, sponsored by the EC's Horizon 2020 programme, this project is investigating and extending the potential of large-scale cryogenic energy storage.
  • Co-Investigator: Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) is a new national research hub.  Sponsored by ESRC and NERC in collaboration with DEFRA, BEIS, EA and FSA, this project is developing new ways to measure the effectiveness of domestic policies on energy, water, environment and food (the 'nexus') and how they affect wider society.
  • Co-Investigator: ENCORE  part of the EPSRC's Engineering Grand Challenges Call, this project is establishing a strategically important network in engineering complexity resilience.
  • Co-investigator and Leader of two Work-Packages: Stepping Up 3 year EPSRC-funded project started in October 2015, and focusing on big data collection and modelling of the scaling up of Water, Energy, Food Nexus innovations.

Other current initiatives

  • Various EPSRC/ESRC proposals for research are in the review process.
  • Forthcoming chapter on Mixed Methods Research in Handbook of Research Methods in Complexity Science: Theory and Application, Edward Elgar publishers.
  • Several publications in the review process, including:  "Agent schemas of upstream supply chain disruptions: a complex adaptive systems perspective"; "Micro-generation technologies and UK infrastructures: exploration of system level effects"; "On a Taxonomy of Information Sharing in Perishable Product Supply Chains".
  • Co-editor of special issue of Complexity  "Managing Complexity in Supply Networks: Control and Emergence".
  • Co-editor of special issue of Complexity "Energy and Complexity".

Recent past research projects

  • Co-investigator: International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF) EPSRC-funded project which ran June 2013 - April 2017, developing innovative business models, risk models and agent based models of interdependencies in infrastructure systems.
  • Co-investigator: European FP7 project EU-InnovatE  funded under the Sustainable Lifestyles and the Green Economy in Europe theme, 3 year project started January 2014, modelling the invasion and diffusion of sustainable user innovations using performance metrics for sustainable lifestyles in the domains of energy, transport, food and housing within sustainable scenarios (SPREAD)
  • Principal Investigator: Transforming Utilities' Conversion Points  - introducing the concept of a generic utility conversion and modelling utility interdependence in critical infrastructure.
  • Co-investigator: the Land of the MUSCos project  which modelled business models of potential Multi-Utility Service Companies.
  • All-in-One,  a feasibility analysis for supplying all services through one utility product, All-in-One examined vignettes of future integrated utility provision.
  • CASCADE  took a complex systems perspective to Smart Grids and Distributed Energy Generation; our partners at the Institute for Energy and Sustainable Development are pursuing a follow-on project AMEN.
  • ABI3L, a TSB (now Innovate UK) funded project  an agent based model for multi-modal freight transport.


Directly and indirectly, related to adaptation and critical infrastructure:

  • Government departments: DFT, DEFRA, BEIS, Environment Agency, Food Standards Agency
  • Charities: Institute for Sustainability
  • Local government: Milton Keynes City Council, Peterborough City Council
  • Firms: Arup, IBM, WPD (Western Power Distribution) 
  • National corporations: National Grid, Highways England, Network Rail.
  • Lobby/coordination groups: ARCC, UKCIP


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Chowdhury JI, Balta-Ozkan N, Goglio P, Hu Y, Varga L & McCabe L (2018) Potentials of load-shifting with renewable energy storage: An environmental and economic assessment for the UK. In: 36th USAEE/IAEE North America Conference, "Evolving Energy Realities: Adapting to What's Next", Washington, DC, 23-26 September 2018.
  • Chowdhury JI, Balta-Ozkan N, Hu Y & Varga L (2018) Factors affecting the adoption of energy efficiency in heat intensive industries: a case study of UK commercial bakeries. In: Energy Systems Conference 2018, London, 19-20 June 2018.
  • Hu Y, Balta-ozkan N, Varga L & Chowdhury JI (2018) Contemporary enlightenment on energy efficiency in industry. In: Energy Systems Conference 2018, London, 19-20 June 2018.
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