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Current activities

Before joining the academia in 2008, Andrea Moro worked for fifteen years as senior financial advisor for SMEs in a consulting firm completely owned by a group of Italian small local banks. In that role, he advised small and medium sized firms on financial topic during the start-up stage, major investments as well as during turnaround. The role implied the analysis of the financial soundness of projects, the setting up of budgets, the support to firms’ management during negotiations with investors and banks. 

He moved to the academia in 2008 firstly joining The Open University Business School where he taught finance modules in the MBA and in 2010 University of Leicester School of Management. In 2014, he joined Cranfield University where he currently teaches Finance to the Full Time MBA students and Entrepreneurial Finance to the MSc Finance students. 

He is currently non-executive member of the board of directors of two real estate development firms in Italy and member of governing body of two schools in Milton Keynes. In addition, he advises a leading Italian insurance company about CSR and Corporate social responsibility reporting. 

Andrea Moro’s research interests are mainly on firms – bank lending relationship. He investigates issues firms face accessing credit, what can reduce the information asymmetry between firms and banks and the role of soft factors such as trust in the lending relationships. In addition, he is interested in small firms’ capital structure and its optimisation as well as small business financial planning.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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