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Nam obtained his bachelor degree in Finance from Washington State University, USA. After graduation, he spent the next 5 years working as a business analyst in one of the largest banks of Vietnam, specializing in Information technology implementation projects. Nam then obtained his Msc in Logistics and Supply chain management with Distinction at Heriot-Watt University. In 2019, he came to Cranfield to pursue a Phd in Leadership and management, and was awarded a full time studentship for his PhD.

Research opportunities

Nam's current research topic is implementing Blockchain in Food supply chain for sustainability. Food supply chain has been a crucial part of today economy and society. One of the current challenges for managing Food chain is to create/maintain its sustainability. Meanwhile, Blockchain is the newest addition to a number of technological innovations employed in SCM. This PhD research therefore will aim to explore blockchain implementation challenges and opportunities associated with disintermediation, incentivisation, and ability to integrate with other technologies such as IoT, smart sensors in Food supply chain in order to make it sustainable.

Current activities

I am currently looking into what is known and what is not known regarding the implementation of Blockchain in managing Food chains. I anticipate to possibly uncover lack of research in certain areas, especially in the area of sustainability development using Blockchain. My subsequent works in the future would then be based on my discoveries, going more in-depth into examining the use of Blockchain in facilitating a more sustainable Food chain.