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Karen is a business simulations expert. She has over ten years experience of designing and integrating simulations into client's executive development initiatives in both the private and public sector across the UK, Western Europe and Asia.

Current activities

Over a ten year period Karen has established a suite of simulations which can be run either face-to-face or on-line, to enable organisations and their executives to address issues such as: commercial awareness, cross-functional and cross-cultural working, decision making, data handling, greater awareness of key functions, financial information, individual and team behaviour.

Examples of the organisations that Karen has worked with include: Actavis, Barclays Commercial, British Nuclear Group, Electricit\303\251 de France, East African Breweries, L'Oreal, Pearson UK and RSA. She also runs business simulations for master level students on the Cranfield MBA and the Management for Technology Programme for Cranfield School of Engineering. In addition Karen has championed the University's contribution to the community. She has established a series of school challenges that enable teachers and young students to gain a valuable insight into the business world via the simulations. Their experience is supported by mentoring and coaching from local managers.

Karen continues to work developing the on-line portfolio as a mechanism to enhance the performance of virtual teams; she also continues to develop how simulations can be used to generate observable behaviours for personal and team development.