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Areas of expertise

  • Defence Systems Engineering
  • Through-life Engineering Services


Before joining Cranfield University in April 2008, Jeremy served for 25 years in the British Army as a logistician and explosives engineer. He commanded at platoon, company, and battalion level in several peacetime and operational theatres. He led in the planning and execution of the deployment of strategic reserves, the tactical loading of war-fighting materiel on land and afloat, and the storage, distribution, and through-life management of weapon systems, vehicles, explosives and energetics, major assemblies and repairables, POL products, and food.

As part of the implementation team for the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) he was the HQ DLO desk lead for the conversion of the Defence Aviation Repair Agency and Army Base Repair Organisation to Trading Funds. In a later tour in the DLO he co-chaired a working group of the MoD/BAES Framework Partnering Agreement, managed the demilitarization schedule of the MoD/QinetiQ Long Term Partnering Agreement, and managed the production of the conventional munitions chapter of the 2005 Defence Industrial Strategy. He led the development of whole life assessment policy for complex weapons and initiated important research into the data logging and environmental protection of energetics and sensitive stores moving through the Defence supply chain. As SO1 Combat Service Support Commitments, he led the force generation of Army logistic, equipment, and medical support units and personnel to operations.

He holds an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield University, and he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT) and the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI).

Current activities

Jeremy manages modules on the Defence Acquisition Management, and the Programme and Project Management MScs at Cranfield Defence and Security, and he lectures to a range of other MSc programmes.  He focuses on the fields of logistics, supply chain management, and the efficient and effective through-life support of major capital assets and equipment with long in-service lives. His recent research and teaching on supportability engineering, ILS, and through-life support has also encapsulated an evaluation of the effects of disruptive innovations, primarily additive manufacture, and the vulnerability of Defence to obsolescence and parts counterfeiting.

Immediately before joining Cranfield University he managed the development of an integrated logistics support (ILS) learning blend for the UK MoD, and he continues to develop and deliver a number of logistics and through life support short courses and workshops, for UK and overseas clients, pitched at both strategic and practitioner levels.


  • Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom
  • National Defence University, Malaysia
  • Defence Science and Technology Agency, Singapore
  • Brazilian Navy
  • Ministry of Defence, Serbia
  • Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sport


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers


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