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Glen Jonata has a background in both Qualitative as well as Quantitative studies. Having completed a BA in Business Management, as well as a double MSc in International Supply Chain Management and Applied Data Science and Statistics at the University of Exeter, Glen understands and embraces the need to balance qualitative and quantitative factors and brings this interdisciplinary view into his research at Cranfield. Glen also has work experience within Corporate Finance, Customer Service, and Hospitality. Outside of his professional life, Glen is an avid Motorcyclist with a passion for all things Engineering, in particular Aeronautics and Motoring. He also enjoys reading a wide variety of topics including Philosophy, History, Literature, and Anthropology.

Given the pressing climate challenge, there is an impetus for action to be taken in order to mitigate against the ill effects of climate change. A complete solution should not focus upon one challenge in isolation and takes advantage of new and up and coming solutions that are being implemented within the industry. Glen’s primary research interest involves balancing possible solutions that consider an overarching holistic view of climate change using the latest digital technologies available. In particular circular economies and decarbonisation, as resource preservation and carbon emissions control are key solutions to mitigate against the ill effects of climate change. These solutions can be enabled through Additive Manufacturing which is an up and coming technology part of Industry 4.0. Taking a systems thinking perspective, Glen’s research aims to identify the unique capabilities enabled by Additive Manufacturing to support and balance circularity of resources and decarbonisation. Thus contributing to a holistic sustainability framework to support industry, policy, and research.