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Glen Jonata has a background in both Qualitative as well as Quantitative studies, having completed a BA in Business Management, as well as a double MSc in International Supply Chain Management and Applied Data Science and Statistics at the University of Exeter. Glen brings this interdisciplinary view into his research at Cranfield. Glen also has had work experience within Corporate Finance, Customer Service, and Hospitality. Outside of his professional life, Glen is an avid Motorcyclist with a  passion for all things Engineering. He also enjoys reading a wide variety of topics including Philosophy, History, Literature, and Anthropology.

Given the pressing climate challenge, there is an impetus to eliminate carbon emissions wherever possible. However, there is a need to be able to balance economic growth as well as environmental concerns. Circular Economies (CE) allow this by decoupling the two by aiming for zero to landfill. To support CE, there is a need to develop enabling technologies. An example of this is Additive Manufacturing (AM) or better known as 3D printing. This revolutionary method of production supports CE business models and decarbonisation through capabilities such as distributed manufacturing and carbon-efficient design.

Motorcycles or Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) have the potential to become sustainable transport as they do not contribute to traffic congestion and produce fewer emissions overall. Often ignored in sustainable transport strategies, there is potential for the integration of AM and CE capabilities to support an overarching decarbonisation strategy within the industry. Being able to integrate the two in response to climate change forms the basis of Glen’s research interest.