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Dr Ruth Massie is an Associate Professor in Andragogy (the methods and approaches for educating adults). As well as being a member of Cranfield's School of Management, Ruth is the Education Lead for the proposed new university in Milton Keynes (MK:U - see for further details). In this role she is responsible for developing the educational approach of the proposed university including the education philosophy as well as guiding the course teams in the development of the undergraduate degrees and apprenticeships. 

Ruth's primary focus is on tertiary education as a profession. In addition, her teaching focus is on Resilience, Change Management, Cyber Leadership and Business Continuity.

Ruth’s scholarly area is organisational resilience with a focus on understanding how Board level Directors engage with information, contextualise it, and incorporate it into their decision making. This is particularly in the context of how Board’s view the complexity, and risk, in relation to their organisations. 

Additionally, Ruth is a Research Fellow on Cyber Leadership and Culture for the Research Institute of Sociotechnical Cyber Security (  

Prior to becoming an academic, Ruth started her career as a Business Continuity consultant at SunGard Availability Services, then known as Comdisco. She has worked in a number of organisations, both as a Business Continuity Manager and as a Consultant. These included Ernst & Young (Australia), Office-Shadow Limited and Citigroup. 

Ruth holds a PhD in Management from Cass Business School at City, University of London. In addition, Ruth holds three Masters Degrees; an MBA from Henley Business School; a Masters of Research from City, University of London; and an MA in Academic Practice also from City, University of London. Ruth is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Current activities

  • Education Lead - MK:U
  • Management in the Higher Education sector
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Directors and their engagement with information
  • Business Continuity and Cyber Resilience 


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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