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Dr Richard Adams is Reader in Entrepreneurship at the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, Cranfield University, and has previously held positions at the Universities of Surrey and Exeter, the University of the West of England and Imperial College London as well as with the UK Cochrane Centre in Oxford. Dr Adams focuses his research at the intersection of (responsible) innovation, sustainability and technology entrepreneurship, and has a particular interest in social and sustainable entrepreneurship. In addition, Dr Adams specialises in literature review methodology. Dr Adams's award-winning work is practically focused and combines academic rigour with practical relevance; he has published widely, in excess of 100 journal papers, conference papers, book chapters and industry reports including, most recently, Flush with Success with WSUP and CBSA exploring how social enterprises are scaling up to meet global sanitation challenges. Dr Adams would be pleased to hear from any prospective research students with interesting research ambitions in any of these areas.

Research opportunities

Please contact me directly to discuss research interests in any of the following areas:

1) Social enterprise and entrepreneurship: scaling up.

2) Social enterprise and entrepreneurship: ethics.

3) Literature review methodology: synthesis of diverse data types.

4) Literature review methodology: computational approaches.


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