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Paolo is Assistant Professor at the University of Bergamo. His main teaching subjects are Operations and Service Management. He is a researcher of CELS, the Research Center on Logistics and After-Sales Service of the Department of Industrial Engineering and he has been Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University since November 2009.

His research activities mainly focus on organisation and management of After Sales Service with a specific interest in automotive and truck industry service chain configuration, organisation and performance measurement. Recently his interests have extended to servitization and product-service systems. In particular Paolo is now involved in studying how to support companies to develop new customer value propositions, to re-design their organisational principles, operations and value chains in order to up hold the product-service business models.

Paolo is also coordinator of the automotive area of the ASAP Service Management Forum, an Italian joint industry-academic initiative that aims at promoting the culture and the excellence of service management through research projects, practice, education and technological transfer.



  • Martinez V, Kingston J, Evans S, Gaiardelli P, Raffoni A, Vladimirova D & Claes B (2011) Organisational transformation for effective delivery of integrated products and services: thoughts on practice. Cranfield: Cranfield University/EPSRC/IMRC.