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Michèle has over 15 years’ experience assisting a broad range of engineering companies with innovation strategy, new product introduction, technology management and manufacturing support. She set up The Technology Manager Limited in 2008 to help organisations create and capture value from science and engineering. She has investigated topics as varied as novel power trains for earth moving equipment, new fabrication techniques for silicon semiconductors and re-use of industrial welding by-products. She has sourced technical expertise across Europe, South America and Asia and acted as a technology intermediary, facilitating new product design reviews for goods such as electronic-controlled wheelchairs, datacentre power supplies, gas valves and diesel generator sets.

Michèle has a particular interest in strategic technology management and the global dimension of innovation, working with organisations to implement tools such as strategic roadmapping. She has supported pre-start-up entrepreneurs, SMEs, mid-sized companies, and large multi-national organisations.

Michèle has an MSci (Hons) in Physics with Electronics, a PhD in Microelectronics and an MBA (Distinction) in Technology Management.

Research opportunities

Strategic technology management (STM) is important to provide sustainable competitive advantage in companies. Achieving effective and efficient STM is challenging given the dynamic context organisations currently operate in; with rapid technological change, complex integration of technology and (frequently) geographically dispersed personnel.

The main purpose of this research is to investigate the impacts of using digital support for collaborative STM activities; to understand the benefits and drawbacks in different contexts, and implications for efficiency and effectiveness.

Current activities

Michèle interviewed 10 industrial practitioners, mapping out their STM activities and objectives, to get an understanding of the processes used and objectives sought across a range of industries. She has started longitudinal case study work with a public sector organisation and intends to set up several cross-sectional cases in the next year.