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Dr Ismail Haltas is a Visiting Fellow with the Complex Systems Research Centre, Infrastructure Systems Group at Cranfield School of Management.

Ismail has a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, a MSc from University of California, Davis on “Floodplain Modelling using Geographic Information Systems” and PhD Degree in 2006 from the same university on “Scaling of Governing Equations in Hydrology”.

After completing his PhD, he worked for Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC) in Sacramento/California Office as a water resources engineer where he was mainly involved in flood modelling and mapping (FIRM, LOMR etc.) as well as watershed based hydrologic modelling projects. He moved back to Turkey as an assistant professor of Civil Engineering Department at Zirve University in 2011. He taught various undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses in Hydraulics, Hydrology, Water Resources and Engineering Statistics. He was also principal investigator and participated as a researcher in various funded research projects (mainly flood hazard/risk modelling and mapping).

More recently he held the position of Senior Research Fellow with the Infrastructure Systems Group at Cranfield where he worked on the EPSRC funded Research Project, Stepping Up.


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  • Haltas I & Kavvas ML (2012) Scale invariance and self-similarity in kinematic overland flow in space and time. In: Overland Flow and Surface Runoff, Nova Science, p. 1-14.