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Denyse is Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management.  Prior to this, as an Associate Professor at Cranfield School of Management, Denyse held the role of Course Director for the FT MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, FT MSc in Procurement and Supply Chain Management and also the Muscat Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc.

Prior to joining Cranfield, Denyse worked at Nestle. Her initial position was in the Corporate Quality Management Group in the Head Office in Switzerland, and subsequently on the GLOBE team based in Australia. She worked with internal stakeholders to refresh the global approach to supplier management to guarantee the quality of the products at the time of use. Part of her mandate was also to re-visit the global approach to managing traceability across the supply chain. Denyse was the project leader for the project involved in the selection and appointment of two third party auditing companies for use with Nestle suppliers globally. As part of the GLOBE team Denyse was involved in the implementation of best practices in the area of Materials Handling, and warehouse management throughout the Nestle Asia, Africa and Oceania operations.

Denyse has lived in Trinidad, USA, U.K., Germany, Switzerland and Australia. In addition, in her previous roles she worked with teams to implement best practices across a very wide range of countries including Pakistan, India, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and Singapore. This has provided Denyse with first-hand experience of the differences in operations and cultures and the subsequent challenges to managers.

Current activities

Denyse's interest lies in sustainable supply chains, circular supply chains and also circular cities, of which have many overlaps with the concepts around sustainability.  What are the challenges and approaches to achieving circularity both at a Supply chain level and also at a city level?  The ideas and concepts  around resilience are embedded in the preceding topics as they are approaches to make our supply chains and cities more resilient in the face of the challenges related to climate change and other global megatrends.  In general given Denyse's background in the Food sector, she is particularly interested in looking at all of the previous areas in the context of food value chains.

Denyse led a major project in the past to dramatically improve the food supply chain to meet the rising global demand for food and to protect the environment. Step Change in Agri-Food Logistics Eco-Systems "Project SCALE" was a three-year research project completed in 2015 on which Cranfield School of Management was the lead partner working along with four partner organisations: the European Food and Farming Partnerships (EFFP), DHL, Wageningen University and the Universite d'Artois.

Denyse is interested in continuing to develop her expertise in the area of food supply chains, sustainable and circular supply chains, management/transformation, in particular in the context of large urban areas.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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