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Early in his career as a mechanical engineer, Dr Arnoud Franken appreciated that advanced technology alone cannot make change happen. Getting people to adopt new ideas and start behaving in particular ways requires more. Inspired to find out how to lead change that people are keen to rally around, he set out on a journey that bridged the worlds of engineering, the military, and business. As a Senior Lecturer in Change Management at Cranfield School of Management, he has worked with senior managers and executives of a wide range of organisations, including EMC 2, GSK, IHG, Jaguar Land Rover, L’Oréal, Rolls-Royce, NATO SHAPE, UK Ministry of Defence, Swiss Re and Virgin Atlantic. He has published his research with Harvard Business Review and California Management Review. In 2015 he was granted the Cranfield School of Management Teaching and Learning Award. 


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Franken A (2006) Defence transformation: The aerospace & defence firms of the future. In: Management of Organisational Change in Aerospace Conference, London.
  • Bender R, Spira L, Franken A & Braganza A (2006) The Inner Workings of Audit Committees in the UK: Operationalising Best Practice. In: 9th International Conference on Corporate Governance and Board Leadership, Henley, UK, 3-5 October 2006.


  • Franken A (2010) Organizational change, culture and strategic IS/IT led change. In: Strategic information systems management. Grant K, Hackney R, Edgar D (ed.), Cengage Learning, p. 246-272.