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Anurag holds a B.Tech in Chemical engineer from Sir Harcourt Butler Technological University of Kanpur (HBTI Kanpur) and a PhD and double masters (an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain and an MRes in Management) from Cranfield University.
He began his career as a supply chain executive in the automotive surface coating division of Asian PPG Ltd. After having gained diverse industrial and academic experience, Anurag joined  a PhD  in the Complex Systems Research Centre at Cranfield University. His doctoral research focuses upon the complex and evolutionary aspect of supply chain networks and the mediating role of micro agent interactions in determining the co- evolutionary and self-organizing network behaviours. After the completion of his PhD, Anurag joined  Complex System Research Centre as a Research Fellow where he was involved with projects investigating complex engineering resilience and complexity dynamics of energy, water, environment and food nexus.
His current academic interest lies in the study and modelling  of supply chain emergence, self-organization and  co-evolution.  His particular expertise is in the modelling, visualization and interpretation of large complex systems. 

Current activities

Anurag is currently working on factors contributing towards the initiation and propagation of supply chain disruptions and on the aspects of supply chain transformation, emergence, co-evolution and self-organization.

Complex supply chain networks

Disruption risk

Risk, vulnerability, robustness and resilience

Behavioural aspects of supply chain performance

Data analytics and machine learning


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