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Anna is senior research fellow and is currently involved in a multi-disciplinary research project entitled: "Transformation to servitized organizational forms". This initiative is part of Cranfield's Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC) which investigates integrated offers of product and related services. Prior to joining Cranfield, she was research fellow at the University of Bologna and collaborated with the University of Goettingen within the 2008-2010 Vigoni Project. Anna is part of the faculty of Alma Graduate School (University of Bologna) where she is lecturer in financial accounting and management accounting in several MBA and Executive MBA programs. Her research interests cover the following areas; Performance measurement systems (PMS). Anna is particularly interested in the implementation, use and effect on business performance of PMS in private sector organizations. In this field she has taken part to national and international academic research projects. Customer value management. Her research is focused on the design and implementation of customer monitoring systems looking for a more in depth integration between strategic management accounting and marketing disciplines. This topic was also part of Anna's PhD thesis. Strategic cost management. Anna is especially interested in advanced cost management techniques to support processes' efficiency and effectiveness. Servitization. Her research is focused on the organizational changes that companies experience when they start adding services to products.



  • Martinez V, Kingston J, Evans S, Gaiardelli P, Raffoni A, Vladimirova D & Claes B (2011) Organisational transformation for effective delivery of integrated products and services: thoughts on practice. Cranfield: Cranfield University/EPSRC/IMRC.