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Alexei is a visiting fellow for Innovation and New Product Development. He specialises in various creativity methods like TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Method. Alexei graduated from Moscow State University for Economics, Statistics and Informatics in 1996 with an MSc in Informatics for Economics. He spent a number of years with Russian banks as internal auditor and with a big-5 as a consultant in Financial markets division, working across the territory of ex-USSR. After obtaining an MBA at Cranfield in 2001, Alexei worked as Strategic Planning Manager for Masterfoods-Mars Inc in Russia and ex-USSR. Whilst at Mars, Alexei was given responsibility of a unique position of New Business Development Manager with responsibilities for Innovation and new product developments. With help of his innovation methods, Alexei ran a number of successful projects for Mars across the world which brought savings of at least USD20m and new sales of USD50m pa. 

After Mars, Alexei spent several years as consultant in FMCG and Retail industries. He is now CEO of the EUCLIDD, the European Union Complaints and Litigation Direct Democracy portal. Alexei also has a number of other businesses including Copymetrics, the worldwide chain of renowned cognitive science experts that test effectiveness of commercials. 

Alexei is actively involved in Cranfield's life and the Cranfield Management Association and is currently its International President for Eastern Europe. He is a regular speaker at various conferences related to innovation.