Calvin is an experienced and senior leader of people and has worked across industries and sectors.  Most recently, and for 15 years, Calvin was a Senior Bank Manager at a global financial service business where he worked in diverse areas across London supporting people and businesses with their banking, wealth, and insurance needs.  It was working in this role that Calvin identified in real-time the inequality that financial exclusion caused.  Whilst at the Bank, Calvin completed a Diploma in Banking (DipRBCB), and in 2022 completed an MSc in Retail & Digital Banking at Cranfield University where his thesis “Financial Inclusion and its Impact on the Afro-Caribbean Community” received a distinction; completion of the enhanced MSc also provided Calvin with “Member” status at the Chartered Banker Institute (MCBI).

Calvin has returned to Cranfield University to complete a PhD in Economics and Finance and intends to develop his research into the effects of financial inclusion on ethnic groups where he may ultimately publish an empirical-based paper to the government and other interested groups, with a view to improving financial access to disadvantaged and underserved groups.

Current activities

Calvin is in his first year of a PhD in Economics and Finance at Cranfield University, where is he completing quantitative and qualitative research into the scale and effects of financial exclusion, and how this affects the economic prosperity of African/Caribbeans in the UK.