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Bruce Clark is a Visiting Research Fellow specialising in marketing performance measurement in the Centre for Business Performance. He joined the Centre in September 2001. Prior to joining the Centre he was an associate professor of marketing at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA : he has also served on the faculty of the Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles.

Bruce's research and consulting interests lie in marketing strategy and managerial decision-making, especially as they relate to competition and performance measurement. He began his research on performance measurement in the late 1980s while a research associate at Harvard Business School. This work resulted in a co-authored book, 'Marketing Performance Assessment,' published by Harvard Business School Press. More recent and continuing work examines how managers evaluate and use performance measures to make decisions. His research in competition has examined how managers perceive competitors and customers, and how these perceptions affect their behaviour. Bruce's work and consulting experiences span high-technology, financial services, professional services, and health care.