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Andrea holds a BA in Supply Chain Management (Arizona State University) and an MBA (Arizona State University). As Director of Global Logistics at Fitbit, Andrea manages all aspects of postponement/pack-out, fulfillment, transportation, distribution centre management, global trade compliance, and returns management. Prior to joining Fitbit, Andrea had roles at Intel, Gallo, Apple, Intermec and Amazon. These roles spanned procurement, freight security, new product project management, and logistics across 15 years.

Research opportunities

Shared Leadership in Supply Chain Internal Integrations.

Internal integrations are critically important for SCM success. However, a significant amount of companies have failed with internal integration implementations. At the core of integrations are people, relationships, and influence of others (leadership), however it was found that these aspects are rarely studied as antecedents to successful internal integrations. Further research is needed on human behaviour and influence of leadership practices in SC internal integrations. This research will study Shared leadership practices and whether they influence SC internal integrations.