Prior to completing her PhD in the School of Applied Science Palie gained industrial experience in the manufacturing and professional services sectors at Racal Defence and Electronic Data Processing plc. Palie's earlier research focused on open innovation and science, the funding of climate change research projects, bio-science innovation networks, national innovation systems and intrapreneurship for social and discontinuous innovation.

Current activities

Palie's research interests are positioned within the broader field of innovation and technology management,and more recently have encompassed responsible innovation and entrepreneurship. She is currently the Principal Investigator for an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Systematic Review project with responsibilities to explore the notion of responsible (or sustainability-led) innovation. She is pursuing this project within the £8m EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability (a collaboration between Cambridge, Cranfield, Imperial Loughborough Universities) based at Cambridge University.  

Palie is working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology scholars on an industrial sustainability initiative. She is a member of the Open Innovation Research Forum (OIRF), an international network of researchers. She is also interested in the nature and role of management research and its impact on practice and policy. Inspired by Professor Anne Huff (President of Academy of Management 1998-99) and founding Director of Advanced Institute of Management (AIM),she has supported the Annual Cambridge University Research Methodology Conference. She was awarded an EPSRC grant to investigate the potential for Open Science in academic professional practice in 2012. 


  • EEF
  • PWC Global Consulting
  • UK Bio Bank
  • UK BioIndustry Association

Research collaborations over my academic career have included the EPSRC, Boeing-Cranfield Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre, Cambridge University Institute of Biotechnology, UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering, UK Bio-Industry Association, UK Bio-bank, IBM Business Consulting and AIM. More recently, I collaborated with Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) and Lloyds Banking Group sponsored research project to launch the first Women in Manufacturing FTSE 100 Report, with a widely publicized address by Dr Vince Cable (Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills) in March 2013.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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