Cranfield Management Development Centre

We deliver programmes all over the world in addition to Cranfield. Cranfield’s learning environment offers participants world class experience of management development.

The Cranfield Management Development Centre is an award winning, purpose-built residential and management training capability. The facilities have been designed to create an environment that is highly conducive to effective learning whilst providing the high standards of accommodation expected by managers and executives.

The centre offers a wide variety of comfortable conference and syndicate rooms for learning, and spacious areas both inside and outside for breaks between work and for relaxation. The 186 bedrooms are designed and equipped to facilitate both private study and leisure.

Knowledge Interchange

Learning resources at the Cranfield Management Development Centre are complemented by the Knowledge Interchange (KI), and further supported by Management Information Resources Centre located in the School of Management. 

Cranfield offers access to a vast electronic library of business information and management resources. Our rich online databases enable delegates to explore the ideas of many world respected management thinkers.

Thought Leadership

Our academics are thought leaders, thanks to their research and real-world practitioner experience. This translates into an inspirational learning experience for the next generation of business leaders and game-changing organisations.

For over 50 years, we have been helping individuals and organisations learn and succeed by transforming knowledge into action. We are proud to embed responsible management thinking into every part of our teaching and research, which in turn influences inspiring business leaders and clients to make a real impact on their organisations.

We are entrepreneurial by nature, as part of one of Europe’s largest academic centres for applied research. A hothouse of business activity, our world-class faculty and doctoral researchers work alongside cutting-edge industry leaders, via our vibrant networks of enthusiastic alumni, research collaborations and clubs.

Our current Thought Leadership