The Praxis Centre for Personal Leadership Development develops and runs School of Management’s world class Leadership development programmes. The Praxis Centre employs a holistic approach: people are more than brains on sticks with a mind, body and context in which they exist. Our expertise lies in helping individuals or groups of individuals put Leadership Theory into Leadership Practice.

  • We take a holistic Approach: people are more than brains on sticks with a mind, body and context in which they exist. All these play a part on who they are, the meanings they apply and how they operate.
  • There is an emphasis on powerful and challenging ‘person centred learning’, where the need for greater self-understanding is higher than the need for new external knowledge. 
  • All our programmes use a ground-breaking approach to learning and development using inspirational, experiential and innovative learning techniques, focused on personal insight over knowledge transfer. This is because we appreciate that the impact that will be achieved by those completing our programmes is measured by what they do, rather than what they know. 
  • We use the latest technology to enhance the learning experience and bring the ‘classroom’ into the work place. Blended Learning is increasingly present on our programmes, as is a sophisticated approach to aligning our programmes to typical leadership development pathways.

We work with every participant so that not only is the programme the right one for their and their organisation’s needs, but the way they are supported through the process is tailored to the unique aims they have.

We are proud to be a leading part of Cranfield School of Management’s Open Programme portfolio, which is regularly ranked as one of the top UK business schools in the FT Executive Education Survey – 3rd in the UK in 2015. The Praxis Centre supports the Cranfield MBA and Demand Chain Management programmes and also makes a contribution to the design and delivery of programmes run by school’s renowned Centre for Customised Executive Development (CCED), ranked as one of the leading providers of customised executive education in the world by the FT – 10th in the world in 2015.