The Cranfield Directors Programme is made up of three modules, each of one week’s duration, and a 6-month progress review module. 

Module 1: Strategic leadership and analysis 

In this module we give you a cross-disciplinary picture of organisational strategy and the business leadership role of executives. 

You will focus on: 

  • Competitive strategy. 
  • Finance strategy. 
  • Value creating business models. 
  • Analysis of your industry. 

Individual development periods during the module enable you to explore how to raise your personal strategic leadership contribution. 

Module 2: Influencing strategic direction 

We use this module to help you understand how to influence personally the process of strategic leadership. You work with fellow participants developing strategy on a real business case. You will undertake a critical review of your own business’s strategy. The challenges of implementing change and the political dynamics of influencing organisations at senior levels are a key focus. The module is designed throughout to develop your leadership strengths and to apply insights to your own business context. 

Module 3: Building the business for long term value 

In module 3 the focus is on preparing your business for development and growth. You will look at trends shaping your business environment, analyse those elements of sustainable business that you can influence directly, and consider how to ensure your business always maintains perspective on its external environment. Lastly, in light of your business review and learning through the CDP you will develop a short and medium term strategic plan for you and your business, identifying the clear personal action agenda required to drive implementation. 

Module 4: Progress review

Six months after you complete Module 3 you return to review the progress you have made against your personal and strategic action plans and to put longer term development plans in place.