Booking multiple delegates from the same organisation

Organisations value open enrolment programmes to promote wider strategic thinking and to achieve a level of personal leadership growth that can prove difficult to achieve through internal development processes. 

Furthermore, with the need for enhanced leadership and general management capability at all levels we find many of our clients are using these programmes to build a critical mass for change. 

Here are some particular reasons that our clients use out programmes to develop several, sometimes many, of their key people: 

  •  As part of a rigorous talent development process focusing on strategic leadership 
  • To strengthen the management team in a division undergoing significant growth 
  • In a small but growing business that requires external expertise to enhance the quality of its management cadre 
  • To inject new thinking and leadership perspectives into the business as part of a major change programme
  • To overcome silo thinking and an introspective culture To strengthen the leadership pipeline.

Clients who are currently using a CGMD programme to develop several (3+) managers as a specific activity within their executive development strategy include:  

  • Total EPUK 
  • Emhart Glass
  • Growhow 
  • Jaguar Land Rover 
  • RM 
  • The Worshipful Company of Innholders.  

To discuss the particular needs in your business and the role a multiple participant package (3+) could play in your development planning – please contact Sara Shakespeare.