Over the past three decades, Cranfield has focused on developing the marketing function and believes that marketing has a critical strategic role to play. Done properly, strategic marketing can contribute enormously to organisational performance. Read more Read less

That knowledge and expertise is captured in our Marketing Directors’ Programme, designed specifically for you to organise the marketing function into a potent strategic contributor to the business.

This flagship programme is not about the next breakthrough in marketing communications, or how to use big data and ever better marketing planning tools. Rather, it addresses the core of the marketing director role: how to lead and implement strategic marketing change so as to deliver even greater value to your organisation.

The programme is delivered by Cranfield’s most senior academics including:

  • Emeritus Professor Malcolm MacDonald, the world’s most celebrated strategic marketing planning thought leader.
  • Dr David Butcher, Cranfield’s Director of Executive Programmes and advisor to numerous FTSE 100 boards.
  • Professor Stan Maklan, CRM expert and Cranfield’s leader in Big Data Marketing Analytics.

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At a glance

What you will learn

You will gain:

  • Renewed understanding of the latest strategic marketing thinking.
  • New core competences to meet your business challenges.
  • Improved ability to collaborate across the organisation to deliver growth, innovation and customer led solutions.
  • Greater influence with the board.
  • Improve credibility and accountability.

Your organisation will gain:

  • Renewed focus on breakthrough innovation and customer focus.
  • The ability to transform customer experience into a strategic asset and develop defining competitive advantage.
  • Integration between the marketing and corporate strategy to support sustained organisational growth.
  • Improved strategic planning.

Core content

The Marketing Directors’ Programme is a three-day residential taking place at Cranfield School of Management.

Taught by a faculty with extensive experience in business, you will benefit from the creative practices, diverse ideas, and success methods used to overcome challenges that your peers and Cranfield’s faculty have faced working in a range of sectors.

The pragmatic design of the programme bolsters your ability to organise and create a strategic agenda for growth, innovation and market-led leadership within your organisation. The programme covers three main themes over three days:

  • Strategic marketing: a board level perspective.
  • Generating growth: breakthrough innovation.
  • Building a coalition for customer-led change: power, politics and influence.

The flagship Marketing Directors’ Programme provides insight and practical guidance needed for strategic direction. By the end of the programme, you will be a more effective marketing leader with the credibility and confidence to drive new growth opportunities and bolster innovation strategies. You will learn about state-of-the-art models to:

  • support your role so that you deliver greater value to your organisation.
  • effectively lead your marketing organisation.
  • operate at board level and promote long-term competitive thinking.
  • drive innovation and co-create with customers.
  • build power and influence in order to champion customer-led change.
  • effectively implement strategic marketing change.


Day one: Operating at board level

  • The challenge of marketing leadership.
  • Strategic marketing.
  • British PlasterBoard (BPB) case - leading significant business change.
  • Poster session. Reflect on learnings and build personal action plans.

Day two: Leading growth and innovation

  • Breakthrough Innovation.
  • Value co-creation and customer experience.
  • Multi-channel experience.
  • Poster session. Reflect on learnings and build personal action plans.

Day three: Building power and influence

  • Power, politics and Influence.
  • Marketing accountability.
  • Wrap-up poster session.

Who should attend

Senior executives involved in strategic marketing who wish to broaden and update their skills and knowledge in order to implement a valuable change:

  • Marketing Directors and Managers.
  • Chief Marketing Officers.
  • Directors and Managers of Marketing and Sales.
  • Business Development Directors and Managers.
  • Middle managers about to lead a marketing group are also encouraged to attend.


20% discount (Tuition fee only) for Cranfield School of Management Alumni.

Accommodation options and prices

Tuition, course materials and full board accommodation are included in the price of this course.

Location and travel

Cranfield School of Management is situated in Bedfordshire close to the border with Buckinghamshire. 

The School is located almost midway between the towns of Bedford and Milton Keynes and is conveniently situated between junctions 13 and 14 of the M1.

London Luton, Stansted and Heathrow airports are 30, 90 and 90 minutes respectively by car, offering superb connections to and from just about anywhere in the world.

For further location and travel details

Location address

Cranfield Management Development Centre 
Wharley End
MK43 0HG

This course is provided by Cranfield Management Development Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Cranfield University