We recognise the challenges faced in organisational environments, where leading yourself and others increasingly involves influencing and negotiation, often over great distances, functions and even organisational boundaries, in order to achieve results.

Developing Leadership Practice helps you develop a broader grasp of how to lead yourself, others and organisations, building you capabilities and developing your confidence to lead high performing teams and cross-functional initiatives.

Theme one: Leading self in your context

Experience and research has highlighted for decades the importance of a rich understanding of self which provides the bedrock for leading others. Once we truly understand ourselves we can begin to be clear on where our unique leadership strengths and practices are.

Theme two: Leading others in your context

Getting the best from others is known to come from understanding them. Once you know what makes people tick, it is far more straightforward to find the ways that will elevate their levels of motivation so they can achieve the performance outcomes the organisation needs.

Theme three: Leading organisations in your context

The step from being a good manager to being a good leader comes from understanding the culture and context of your team and your organisation to knowing how to flex and adapt in order to make it work best for you and, when necessary how you can even influence it.