The Cranfield Talent Development Programme consists of a two week residential Module plus 3-month and 12-month progress review modules.

Module 1: Week 1- Personal development agenda 

In the first week you will be introduced to the building blocks of a managerial career focusing on:

  • leadership and teamwork 
  • business strategy 
  • understanding the business environment 
  • finance and management accounting 
  • organisational politics and culture 

This learning forms the basis of a personal development agenda to develop your managerial potential. Together with fellow participants, you will then apply this to a live management project. The project is designed as a vehicle for you to practise influencing in challenging managerial situations so that you develop a clear personal picture of how to be effective

Module 1: Week 2- Translating insight into action 

You continue to develop your personal learning agenda in the second week, undertaking further project work to uncover insights you can put into practical action. To develop your understanding of how businesses function, you will look at:

  • innovation 
  • effective marketing principles 
  • operations management 
  • practical human resource management 
  • organisational change 

With the help of the tutorial team you develop a 100-day action plan to implement your personal development in your business context. 

Module 2: Progress review 

3 months after you complete Module 1 you return to Cranfield to review the progress you have made against your action plans.

Module 3: 12-month continuing development review 

To support your continuing development you return again to Cranfield to reflect on the long-term impact of the programme on your personal development and managerial career, and to plan for your future progress.