A typical participant on the Cranfield Talent Development Programme is an ambitious, talented individual recognised by their business to have the capability to take on significant managerial responsibility. 

They work for many types of organisation in different sectors. 

Age: generally between 25-38, the average being 32. 

Company position:
in the early years of a promising managerial career. 

Managerial experience: approximately one to five years of experience in a position involving managerial responsibility. 

Input to company strategy
: little formal input to strategy formulation as yet; primary role is operational. 

Qualifications: may have academic or professional qualifications, or have risen to present position because of technical experience or ability. 

Career prospects: high potential for assuming greater responsibilities within the organisation; should advance quickly. 

Type of company: past participants have come from many different organisations, including: 

Jaguar Land Rover  University of York
TNT Total
Emhart Glass Sennheiser
Worshipful Company of Innholders            Nissan
Coca-Cola Enterprises Qatar Airways

If you don’t appear to fit this profile it does not mean the programme is not right for you. Contact our Executive Development Team to discuss your particular circumstances, or to find out which alternative programme might be more appropriate for you.