The Cranfield General Management programme is made up of 4 modules, each less than a week and including a Continuing Review Module 9 months after commencing the programme.

Module 1: Understanding your business model - 3.5 days

Working with your own organisational issues as a starting point the module will enable you to step back and consider the wider business context your organisation operates within and how your own function might need to develop to meet these challenges. We focus on business level strategy and its implications for your contribution as a functional or specialist leader. Time is used to gain insight into your own leadership development starting points.

Module 2: Influencing your business model - 4.5 days

>In module 2, this starting point forms the basis of a development agenda that you will work on by tackling a real life management project. During this period, you are guided through a development process that gives you focused personal help in discovering how to maximize the value your organisational function needs to bring to the business. This is a special process that participants describe as personally challenging, but immensely rewarding. This will be complimented by exploring the challenges of organisational politics and the use of professional role players will help you practice your skills at handling cross-functional relationships, agendas and priorities.

Module 3: Transition to cross functional leadership - 3 days

This module will enable you to develop a greater understanding of how different functions fit together and impact on the overall business model. By appreciating the critical contribution and integration of key functions such as finance, marketing, operations, supply chain management and IT, you will develop greater insight into how you can be more influential across your own business. The module will close with an examination of change management techniques and the creation of a 100 day action plan. This plan incorporates continued personal development with a significant business improvement initiative and forms the basis of the 12 month review module.

Continuing development review day - 1 day

You return to Cranfield with your fellow programme participants to revisit your action plan, reflect on the long term impact of your development for your organisation and plan the next phase of personal and organisational progress.