Who we can help

Our clients know that leadership is a crucial element of their organization’s capability for delivering value, performance and enabling strategic change. Leadership is required not only to ensure the delivery of high-quality services and products and meet stakeholder requirements in a competitive marketplace but also to re-think their purpose, business models and operations.

Often this means radically questioning taken for granted practices and organizational culture to deliver to changing demands.  They also have to plan for the unthinkable and unknowable but foreseeable far-reaching and ambiguous challenges that will affect their direction of travel, sustainability and organizational resilience: for example, digital and technological revolutions, working across the globe with local as well as transnational processes, changing consumer expectations, demands for workforce inclusivity, change to usage of fossil fuels and demographic change. We help organizations to develop the leadership capability for delivering this complex agenda.

How we can help

Our approach to leadership development puts the organization’s challenges at the heart of leadership development activity.  We address a significant failure in much leadership development, which assumes that fixing the competency levels of a cadre of individual leaders translates into organizational change capability.  We certainly expect and find that each person working with us takes away personal learning that will shape his or her leadership work, but we focus on developing the collective leadership capability in the organization as our primary focus for learning. We work with senior executives to identify significant adaptive challenges that they consider vital for the organization’s future. Our process implicates them in the leadership development of the whole organization rather than an arm’s length activity ‘done to’ rising stars. They champion and sponsor the work the participants will do, getting involved –after all this is the future of the business.

Our signature approach is to create Collaborative Leadership Learning Groups. Each group works on a significant challenge, to think about how this can be taken forward robustly – drawing on a variety of existing sources of knowledge as well as personal experience. Groups co-create new and innovative ways to work with their adaptive challenge. Moreover, they are required to reflect on the experience for new forms of leadership in the organization, as a critical outcome of their development work.

Our services

Our approach to leadership development is embedded in our executive development programmes and consultancy and advisory assignments. Our research has identified key elements that make this approach to leadership development successful in supporting our clients’ ambitions for more effective leadership capability. We regularly speak about leadership at international conferences and deliver keynotes at high-profile events. You can learn more about our projects using the links below.