Cranfield University’s heritage and expertise in technology and management makes us ideally placed to help leaders, managers and students understand how to deliver the shift in performance and reach of organisations that digital transformation offers. Read more Read less

The Digital Transformation Group brings together Cranfield University’s multi-disciplinary expertise across research, teaching and consulting to address to the enormous potential of modern digital technologies not only to transform business but to also significantly impact organizations such as governments and public-sector agencies.

The group’s research, graduate and executive teaching and consultancy engagements focus on helping people understand how the combination people, data and processes and data-centric business models help organisations thrive and survive in a radically and rapidly changing digital world. 

The group acts as a ‘Community of Interest’ where academics, practitioners and policymakers interact facilitating new interdisciplinary understanding in an age of digital revolution.  Our work integrates Cranfield University expertise in digital technologies with new and existing knowledge on leadership, management and business so that we can; 

  • Research and integrate multiple facets of the digital transformation agenda
  • Equip clients and students to be the digital technology leaders of tomorrow
  • Design and deliver innovative and impactful educational programmes for our students and client organisations in digital transformation
  • Undertake consultancy assignments for client organisations in the area of digital transformation
  • Deliver thought leadership, industry insight and an active research agenda on digital transformation
  • Support Cranfield’s world leading digital future industry projects, such as; MUEAVI, DARTeC, IMEC and ARI