Title: 'Don't call us millennials': Majority of young people say term does not represent them

Date: 24 July 2017

Publication: Telegraph online

Professor Elisabeth Kelan featured in an article in The Telegraph discussing how young people perceive the term 'Millennial'. Professor Kelan explained 'The term "millennial" came about because young people were unhappy at being called "Generation Y" - because it was too closely related to the previous group, Generation X, those born in the mid 1960s to early 1980s'.

Title: Everyday Inclusion

Date: 20 November 2016

Publication: www.legalsupportnetwork.co.uk

Professor Elisabeth Kelan featured in Briefing Magazine where she discussed inclusion in the workplace. Professor Kelan highlighted that simply offering an unconscious bias training course will not achieve the desired culture change. The training can be implemented as a first step in developing a more gender-inclusive culture. Professor Kelan further explained 'biases have ingrained themselves into our mind over a lifetime and it can be expected that it will take a while to change them.'

Title: Bell rings for feminist 'fight clubs' at work

Date: 03 October 2016

Publication: Financial Times

Dr Anne Laure Humbert featured in an article in the Financial Times discussing the various ways that women are held back by men in the workplace. Dr Humbert explained 'what's happening is even more dangerous because there is this myth that we have achieved gender equality. Sexism is now ingrained within the culture and culture is incredibly hard to change.' Dr Humbert's research with MIT was also mentioned as they are conducting a study into how often women are interrupted by men in meetings.

Title: All-male panels face backlash

Date: 29 September 2016

Publication: The Financial Times

Professor Elisabeth Kelan featured in a piece in the Financial Times analysing gender diversity at events and how a lack of women speakers and all-male panels still exist at many events. Professor Kelan highlights the importance of the presence of women on panels not only to 'represent the views of a woman' but also to 'serve as experts in their field.'

Title: Diversity at the top: changing the upper tiers of the public finance profession

Date: 19 May 2016

Publication: Public Finance

Professor Elisabeth Kelan was featured in Public Finance in a piece discussing the various methods of improving diversity in higher roles within an organisation. Professor Kelan explains 'training can help hiring managers become more aware of their biases' and that 'equility should be reinforced before selection interviews.'

Title: The weaker sex

Date: 07 March 2016

Publication: The Economist

Speaking in the Economist, Professor Elisabeth Kelan explained that boys are being outclassed by girls at both school and university, yet women seem to choose ‘unambitious’ career paths while men rise through the ranks.