Digitally enabled transformative leadership development

Create your digital learning, development and talent strategy. Choose from a list of options and configure a digital learning solution that drives your corporate strategy.

Expand your use of digital learning

The adoption of Education 4.0 is accelerating. Digital fluency is becoming a must have.

Employees expect to be able to access and engage with learning and development that:

  • is highly relevant to their job role, time constraints and career goals
  • incorporates a wide range of education systems and tools
  • accessible on their preferred devices
  • features multi-sized learning delivery

Take the leap

A digital learning ecosystem

Digital learning strategy

We offer a highly effective way to seamlessly blend existing learning with newly identified learning to create a coherent learning strategy that features

  • Market-leading technology
  • Our live-online direct delivery capability
  • Your existing learning provision
  • Consortium and partnerships

Configuring your digital learning solution

Our aim is to interpret your digital learning requirements and co-create a solution. Going beyond e-learning, we have pioneered new market-leading approaches that will transform your corporate learning strategy.

Every digital learning experience we create is designed to:

  • engage
  • educate
  • excite
  • enable rapid learning transfer back to the business

Select from a range of options to create an immersive learning experience

Business simulations

Our suite of interactive business simulation experiences replicates industry challenges and processes. Participants work individually or in teams, taking charge of a fictitious business that mimics their own organisational challenges. The simulations are crafted so that every strategic decision alters the market environment and keeps participants working to analyse data with a realistic level of complexity and ambiguity.

Discussion groups

Cranfield’s digital innovation team supports our use of web-technologies to bring groups together online. Whatever the topic, whatever the group size, and wherever participants are in the world, we operate in a way that ensures every member has a voice in the discussion.


Our face-to-face programmes provide valuable opportunities for participants to network with new contacts, and to strengthen existing networks. We are adept at transferring these opportunities into the virtual world, building opportunities for networking into our virtual programmes. Participants gain confidence and competence with the collaboration software that allows them to foster fruitful connections.

Peer learning

Our commitment and passion for a culture of life-long learning is reflected in the way we encourage participants to learn from each other. Web-based learning enables us to set up buddy-learning and small-group collaborations. We also provide platforms for participants to share insights they’ve gained from peers outside their learning group, or even outside their organisation.


Strategic planning can only be transformed into tangible action through communication. Our Professional business role-players create resonant and realistic scenarios where participants can practice their interpersonal skills in an environment of psychological safety. They can test out the conversations they need to have back in the workplace and benefit from immediate feedback from the experts.

Speaker Series

Our virtual capability enables us to reach large global audiences, or to create speaker events which are smaller, more intimate and more interactive. We bring faculty from across all schools within the university, as well as notable figures within industry, to provide inspirational and expert speakers whose work is tightly connected to the sector in which our learners operate.

Team building

Interactive learning helps build high-performing teams. At Cranfield we have a proven track record of enhancing the capability of teams, by upskilling leaders to create and lead new teams or address unhelpful dynamics. For years, our online learning experiences have helped leaders to build and work effectively with virtual teams.


Webinars add value in numerous scenarios, including: the positioning of a learning programme, conveying key messages from a sponsor, hosting conversations about development experiences, and bringing learning journeys to a formal close. Webinars also allow cohorts or learning groups to host their own small-group learning, team-coaching and action-learning events.