Our distinctive approach to understanding the impact of L&D Investments.

Who is this for

Those responsible for sponsoring, managing or evaluating L&D Investment:

  1. L&D Professionals including sponsors and providers
  2. HR and OD practitioners

What you will get

Insight into the latest thinking related to:

  • Designing in development impact
  • Managing development performance
  • Measuring and communicating the outcomes from development investment.

The opportunity to create an impact model for an existing or future development requirement, that will allow you to:

  • Integrate the requirements of multiple development stakeholders
  • Communicate the impact objectives and outcomes to sponsors, potential participants and suppliers
  • Design in, manage and measure impact in a meaningful way
  • Create collateral to market and celebrate the success of your development initiatives
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work within your specific context.

Why this process

For years Kirkpatrick and ROI methodologies have dominated L&D practitioners understanding of how to measure the impact of development expenditure.  But when used for management and leadership development, the existing approaches have serious limitations:

  • It is potentially expensive to evaluate beyond reactions and learning
  • Not all investment in leadership development is aimed at short term financial goals
  • You cannot isolate the impact of leadership and management development investment from other activities, initiatives and factors that affect your organisations performance
  • The complexity of leadership and contemporary development practices do not readily lend themselves to the linear logic of existing impact methods.

The workshop will focus on Cranfield’s unique approach to the design, management and measurement of impact, a process we call Design for Impact.

The approach:

  • Is simple to use yet overcomes the challenges of linear approaches to impact measurement
  • Is cost effective relying on the identification, management and measurement of impact drivers (the green shoots of change which will lead to more substantial, longer term changes)
  • Provides both qualitative and quantitative data to understand the impact of investment
  • Does not result in overestimates or unrealistic claims of the development’s success.

At a glance

  • DurationTailored specifically to the clients needs – half day and full day options available
  • LocationOnline
  • CostPOA (dependent on requirements)


Typical agenda outlines:

  • Why evaluate
  • Evaluation methods and their limitations
  • Introduction to Design for Impact
  • Impact drivers exercise for your organisation.

What you will experience

  • Challenge the common logic of impact that underpins traditional methods of evaluation
  • The opportunity to view your development designs through new lenses to help identify both positive and negative potential consequences
  • Hands on practice creating an impact model for a development initiative of your choice.

Programme Director

Dr Wendy Shepherd

Director of Individual and Organisational Impact

This course is provided by Cranfield Management Development Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Cranfield University