Design for Impact™

Our starting point is to understand the impact you are seeking to achieve. What is happening in your organisation? How will this learning programme contribute to the achievement of your strategy? What do your people need to be able to do differently?

We will partner you with an Executive Development Director (EDD) from our team. They will work closely with you, from discovery and design, through delivery, to evaluation, on learning programmes that are uniquely created to meet your objectives.

Drawing on our unique Design for Impact process, the EDD will ensure that together we meet the impact expectations of a complex group of your stakeholders including senior sponsors, line managers and participants.

Whether you have a specific development need now, or would like to talk more generally about how we could support development in your organisation, please get in touch.  We would be delighted to talk with you.

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Cranfield's approach was to understand our business, understand our need, and then to co-design a programme that would develop our leaders. It was genuinely starting from first principles and a blank sheet of paper.

Craig Darroch, Head of Learning and Development, BG Group